Ana Huang King of Sin Series 3 Books Collection Set (King of Wrath, King of Pride, King of Greed)


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The “Kings of Sin” series is an exciting trilogy that dives into the complex and risky world of power, corruption, and intrigue. Written by Ana Huang, this captivating series uncovers the lives of influential people caught in webs of lies and ambition.
In the first book (King of Wrath), readers meet a fascinating cast of characters maneuvering through the dangerous realms of organized crime, politics, and shady dealings. As rivalries heat up and alliances change, the stakes increase, forcing the characters to make tough choices to safeguard their interests and maintain their authority. From high-stakes heists to cunning strategies, the story vividly portrays the lengths individuals go to stay in control in a ruthless world.
The second book (King of Pride) continues the intricate plot, delving deeper into the lives and motivations of the main characters. As the consequences of their actions unfold, tensions escalate, leading to intense confrontations and unexpected outcomes. Betrayal, revenge, and redemption weave together as the characters confront their pasts and the dark forces threatening to engulf them.
“King of Greed” by Ana Huang explores power, ambition, and the repercussions of unchecked desire. In this gripping novel, readers are thrust into a world where a formidable figure rises to the peak of influence, driven by an insatiable hunger for wealth, control, and dominance. The protagonist’s journey is filled with moral dilemmas, betrayals, and an unrelenting pursuit of more. Ana Huang skillfully crafts a tale of intrigue, navigating the thin line between ambition and greed. In a realm where the stakes are high, “King of Greed” takes readers on a compelling journey through the heart of human ambition and the moral toll for the throne of excess.
Throughout the “Kings of Sin” series, readers are treated to a captivating narrative that blends crime, suspense, and intricate character dynamics. The author adeptly weaves complex plotlines, exploring the depths of human ambition and morality, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.


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